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Meet Coach Woody

I am a long-time runner with experience running track events to ultra distance trail runs. I first started coaching
almost 40 years ago, and through my love of running I want to help others achieve their running dreams. I keep the coaching squad small so that I can give each runner the personal attention they need to reach their goals.
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Running coach, Founder

Running has been a part of my life since I was 15, so that gives me more than 40 years of running experience to call on. I have run everything from sprints and hurdles as a teenager to a 103km ultramarathon trail race in New Zealand in 2023. 

But it is the middle and long distances where my passion for running lies, born from track running and fun run events back in the 1980s (Yes, I really am that old!).

I have been heavily involved with the road-running scene for the past 15 years and in recent years I have been able to run three sub-3 hour marathons. There have been age category successes along the way over all distances from 5k-50k. I even dabbled in triathlons for a while and completed the Cairns Ironman in 2016.

I love all things running and while I'm still heavily involved with my own running, in recent times I have moved back into coaching and helping others to achieve their running goals.

I was a track-running teenager when I first became involved in coaching, helping a small group of athletes achieve success at state level. Their results from my coaching was something that gave me as much satisfaction as my own performances.

Now after all these years and because running has brought me so much joy and lifelong friendships, I now want to share that enjoyment with others through coaching.

I believe running should be fun and sustainable. Through consistency and patience you can achieve your goals - whether that is to complete a 5k run non-stop, run a PB, or run further than you ever have before - it is all possible with the right guidance.

I tailor programs to fit the lifestyle of each runner. I work with you, guide you and encourage you to be the best runner you can be.

I have been documenting my running journey on YouTube since 2019. There are more than 350 videos on the Run With Woody channel covering a wide range of topics from reviews to running tips, training series to race day vlogs - really anything to do with running in general

See What I'm up to on my YouTube Channel

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